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We at Optimus DM provide end to end digital marketing and technology services to our clients worldwide. We aim to deliver consistent exponential growth to businesses through our Technology, Digital Transformation and Strategy Expertise.

Website Development

  • Websites have become the first point of contact between your business and its prospects as well as customers. It represents your brand and build brand value.
  • A good website is attractive, secure and loads very fast.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role in the development of any type of website.
  • UI and UX designing tools, when used efficiently, help in improving the user’s experience while surfing your website.
  • Elegant colors, clear fonts and the overall look and feel along with a compliance to brand elements is what brings out the best in your website.
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App Development

  • In addition to websites, apps are preferred for offering your clientele and target audiences convenience to know more about you or transact with your business.
  • App development is classified into Android app development, iOS app development, Hybrid apps and Progressive web apps.
  • A user-friendly app possesses ease of navigation for users and delivers rich experience through UI/UX designing.
  • The app should be light in weight, so it occupies less storage space in the user's phone as well as it should load faster for better on hand experience.
  • The app should provide right kind of engaging content to its users for sustaining in the market.
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Android App Development

  • Android app development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running on the Android operating system.
  • Advantage of Android app is, it requires low investment and provides high ROI.
  • It is also easy to integrate and one can modify it according to its business needs.
  • It even provides secured environment for development of best apps in smooth and hassle-free way.
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iOS App Development

  • An application developed for use on Apple’s powered iPhone devices is called an iOS App.
  • iOS app development provides enhanced security for enterprises keen on protecting their data from breaching. It gives total protection against malware and viruses.
  • It provides enhanced user experience with its high quality and user-friendly interface.
  • It possesses safe environment for online transactions through the apps on the platform.
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Hybrid Apps

  • Hybrid apps are developed to function simultaneously on both android and iOS platforms.
  • Hybrid apps provide the advantage of ease of development but offer limited customisation..
  • The code for Hybrid app once developed can function on both Android and iOS platforms saving time and cost for businesses.
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Progressive Web Apps

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web apps which provide app-like experience to the users.
  • PWA are reliable, fast and engaging as they load instantly and provide experience like original app on the device.
  • PWA can be downloaded in zero install time without going through the usual download-install procedure of play store or app store.
  • PWA provide advantage of working even in offline mode allowing users to work even when there is limited internet connection.
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • ERP is a software used to manage large as well as small scale businesses.
  • It is typically, a combination of different operations of a business such as sales, marketing, product planning, product development, human resources and financials.
  • ERP helps in storing all the data at one place and secures it through built-in protections.
  • ERP systems are well known for its flexible interface, modular design and central database.
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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • The relationships we cultivate with clients help us in achieving growth in our business.
  • CRM is a software used to manage that relationship.
  • CRM assists us in knowing our clients in better way through identifying, documenting and recording each and every interaction with them.
  • CRM provides improved customer service through quick information related to the problems, suggestions and feedback of the clients.
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Customized Software

  • Customized software is designed and developed keeping your company’s requirements and expectations in mind.
  • Getting customized software for your company is a long-term investment as well as it saves the expense of buying licensed software.
  • It is also more secure than other off-the-shelf software as it is custom made and holds minimal possibility of getting hacked.
  • Custom software holds the advantage of evolving as the business evolves. It is tailored accordingly to sustain large amount of data fed into the same.
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E-commerce Portal

  • In today’s era of E-commerce, creating an E-commerce platform for establishing your company’s presence online has been a trend and it’s here to stay.
  • E-commerce platform is a combination of front-end interface which is visible to users and a back-end engine which is operated by the company.
  • We provide complete service regarding setting up of an E-commerce platform beginning from understanding the client’s requirements to delivering the E-commerce platform which is flexible, robust, attractive and fulfills all the requirements of the client.
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Technology Consultation

  • The primary role of software for any business is to automate the processes. This reduces human efforts and increases efficiency of the company.
  • As technology requirements vary from company to company, we provide complete guidance and provide vital inputs regarding development of a software which can meet the company's requirements.
  • Various factors like security, costs, advantages, disadvantages, licensing fees, downtime tolerance etc. are considered before developing customized software for any company.
  • Two important software for the company are its Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), which helps in smooth functioning of the company.
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Why Optimus DM?

Premium Quality Service

The work we do is our showcase to the world and that is what fuels our growth. Thus, we provide premium quality service to each of our clients.

Highly Skilled and Professional Team

Optimus DM comprises a team of highly skilled professionals, working with extreme dedication to provide the required services to our clients.

Healthy Work Environment

We aim to provide challenging and productive work environment to our employees. Happy employees result in happy clients.

Effective Use of Technology

Our core competence is to understand the needs of the businesses and provide digital and technological services to our clients.

Precise Consultation

We at Optimus DM believe in serving the needs of the clients in the right way, through our expertise. For us, profitability and growth are by-products of client satisfaction.

Strong Ethics and Empathy

Ethics and empathy are at the core of our being. We respect and treat all human beings equally and we are an equal opportunity employer.


We value time extremely highly, for both ourselves as well as our clients. Consequently, we focus on concise and clear communication with each and every client of ours.


Commitment holds great importance in professional life. We at Optimus DM strive to fulfill every commitment made to our clients.

Honest pricing

We believe in delivering quality services at a price that is fair and provides immense value.

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