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We at Optimus DM provide end to end digital marketing and technology services to our clients worldwide. We aim to deliver consistent exponential growth to businesses through our Technology, Digital Transformation and Strategy Expertise.

Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing refers to the process of using the digital medium to market a product. It is a highly targeted and an effective way of reaching your audience.
  • With the advent of the internet and online media, marketing has taken innovative and bold steps.
  • Digital marketing is one innovative method to reach your target audience.
  • Digital Marketing comprises SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, SMM, email marketing, display marketing etc.
  • It is an effective and sure way of reaching your customers quickly and efficiently.
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • SEO refers to the process providing visibility of a business to consumers trying to search products or services using Google, Bing, Siri, Alexa etc.
  • SEO involves the process of modifying, adding content, coding and increasing visibility by the use of specific and targeted keywords.
  • SEO aims to optimize your content in such a way that it appears at the top of the results page in a search engine.
  • User-friendly interface with relevant keywords will help increase traffic to your website and bring in more prospective clients.
  • It is highly targeted, dynamic, low cost and offers local as well as global visibility.
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • SEM refers to the process where business pay to search engines to show results about their company.
  • Advertisers bid on certain keywords that when typed will show their content, products or services.
  • SEM network landscapes mainly comprise Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • The ROI on the SEM campaign can be clearly measured.
  • A combination of SEM and SEO can be used to build a successful marketing campaign.
  • SEM strategy is about increasing your website traffic, grow your customer base in the shorter term.
  • As people spend more time on search engines there is a huge scope for your brand to get noticed which in turn can translate into revenue.
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Content Marketing

  • Content marketing provides information to customers to enhance their interest in the product.
  • Information is given in the form of news, videos, infographics, blogs, podcasts etc.
  • This form of marketing mainly works in the digital space.
  • This may not always involve direct sales but builds trust and rapport with the customer.
  • Brand loyalty, brand awareness, generating leads, direct engagement with the customers, an online presence are major goals of content marketing.
  • Content marketing when combined with other digital marketing techniques, formulate a great marketing strategy.
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Email Marketing

  • Email marketing involves sending messages to people through email for commercial purposes
  • It is mainly used to send advertisements, for soliciting sales, to build loyalty, brand awareness and for building brand personality
  • Mails can be sent by purchasing data or by using existing customer database
  • Mails can be personalized to suit your business needs
  • It is a cost-effective and measurable form of advertising
  • Emails can be designed according to the gender and the geographical location of the recipient. Customers can be updated about new offers and information that will increase their interest.
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Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer marketing focuses on using individuals (often celebrities) with a lot of followers, to communicate directly to those followers.
  • Marketing strategy is formulated based solely on that celebrity.
  • Influencers have a following on social media which in turn can be used to market products and services.
  • Influencers advertise the products themselves or act as a third party.
  • Influencer marketing is not about quick payments but building your brand, credibility and putting your idea to a specific client base.
  • The R’s of Influence marketing will be Reach, Relevance and Resonance.
  • Influencer marketing makes you implement out of the box ideas to market your products or services
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Social Media Marketing

  • As the name suggests, Social Media Marketing uses social media platforms to run marketing campaigns.
  • Businesses can address a wide range of stakeholders through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • A successful social media strategy can be developed by using a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound approach.
  • Business can project an image they want the customers to associate with their brand very efficiently.
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. can be used to place target specific messages to cater to specific types of audiences.
  • Use of social media marketing enables direct engagement with potential customers.
  • Use of various analytical tools can also help gather real-world data. This, in turn, helps us enhance campaigns and increase ROI.
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Viral Marketing

  • Viral marketing generates interest in a product or a brand through extensive sharing of the content by the viewers.
  • Viral marketing works more on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Viral marketing may be in the form of video clips, interactive flash games, advergames, eBooks, memes, text messages, email messages or web pages.
  • Key factors that drive viral marketing are triggers like emotion, mass appeal, practical value and stories.
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Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing refers to the process where a third party sells products or services and gets a commission for it.
  • Affiliate marketing is totally based on performance.
  • The company rewards affiliates for their marketing efforts when they bring in customers.
  • Common affiliate marketing channels include Influencers, Bloggers, Paid search focused microsites and large media websites.
  • Affiliate marketing can be used to develop a rapport with the customer, by making it personal, by starting to review specific products and mainly choosing a campaign that has a maximum impact
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Why Optimus DM?

Premium Quality Service

The work we do is our showcase to the world and that is what fuels our growth. Thus, we provide premium quality service to each of our clients.

Highly Skilled and Professional Team

Optimus DM comprises a team of highly skilled professionals, working with extreme dedication to provide the required services to our clients.

Healthy Work Environment

We aim to provide challenging and productive work environment to our employees. Happy employees result in happy clients.

Effective Use of Technology

Our core competence is to understand the needs of the businesses and provide digital and technological services to our clients.

Precise Consultation

We at Optimus DM believe in serving the needs of the clients in the right way, through our expertise. For us, profitability and growth are by-products of client satisfaction.

Strong Ethics and Empathy

Ethics and empathy are at the core of our being. We respect and treat all human beings equally and we are an equal opportunity employer.


We value time extremely highly, for both ourselves as well as our clients. Consequently, we focus on concise and clear communication with each and every client of ours.


Commitment holds great importance in professional life. We at Optimus DM strive to fulfill every commitment made to our clients.

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We believe in delivering quality services at a price that is fair and provides immense value.

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