What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

We have had several business owners asking us what digital marketing is. They have been doing traditional print media advertisements and are not really familiar with the concept of digital marketing. So, I am writing this post, to explain the concept in very simple and layman terms.

Digital Marketing is the communication that you have with your audiences primarily via. internet using media like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

The key differences between digital and traditional marketing are:

1. Digital Marketing let’s you define your target audience very precisely.

2. Digital Marketing let’s you run your campaigns for a longer period of time at lesser costs. Moreover, your messages here are available for a lifetime for anyone to see (unless explicitly deleted or hidden). In case of newspaper or other such media, once your audiences throw away the paper, messages are gone.

3. Digital Marketing is more interactive. Here, you can have your leads reach out to you via. forms, you can have your audiences visit your websites or download your apps.

4. Digital Marketing offers several insights. Google Analytics dashboard gives you key insights like new users, bounce rate, users from particular geographies and so much more.

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