Building Brand Personality

Building Brand Personality

A lot of products are essentially the same at the core but they are all priced differently. Different segments of consumers happily accept the products which appeal to them the most. This appeal or brand personality is a result of marketing.

Marketing is never a one-time activity or campaign. It is a perennial process which eventually gives you great returns over a period of time.

The role of marketing is not to sell a product or a service. It is to sell a perception. Businesses grow way faster when customers are excited about the offerings both, before and after they have bought them. Nx Digital does the job of creating an aura around your products and services which makes your consumers feel good about themselves having associated with your brand.

Marketing does not discriminate between the rich and the poor. Marketing does not discriminate between  physical goods and services. Marketing is for all the businesses which aspire to grow exponentially. Your brand personality is totally about what your business portrays to the target audiences via Marketing.

A premier restaurant does not just sell food. It sells ambience. It offers a fine dining experience at a certain price point for a particular segment of consumers. Similarly, a small fast food joint which delivers food on short notice sells convenience to its consumers. Both these businesses, despite having food as their primary product, solve completely different problems for their respective consumers.

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